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Mould Removal


We also offer a mould remediation fogging service that employs the same five therapeutic grade essential oils (the Essential Shield oil blend) carried in a water base.

Difficult to access locations such as internal roof voids can be treated as can under floor locations. Where there has been significant mould ingress within a home, we usually recommend the impacted rooms within the home be fogged.

This fogging delivers a total spectrum mould remediation treatment that deals with air born toxic mould and other surfaces that are not able to be addressed during physical remediation works.

It also removes all unwanted odours!


Internal Home Preperation

This video shows how we prepare a home/ rental property, prior to fogging, to make all furniture, electrical and personal items, safe for the home owner/ tenant, prior to the fogging procedure taking place.

All paintings and photo frames will have to be removed from the walls of a rental/ owners home, prior to fogging taking place and be covered with plastic tarps. This can be done prior to fogging on the day or prior to our arrival.


Fogging Process In Action

This video shows the fogging process in action. Home owners and tenants will have to vacate during this process and return home 4 hours after the completion of the fogging process, due to the strong nature of the essential oils used, which make it difficult to breathe inside the home. The oils are not toxic to breathe in, upon the tenant/ home owner returning to the premise.

NOTE: The 4 hour vacating of the premise, does not apply to fogging of under floors and ceiling voids. Tenants and home owners can safely remain in the home during under floor and ceiling void fogging process.


Completed Fogging

Once completed, the fogging process has delivered a micro fine layer of essential oils, which inhibits and prevents, the continued growth of air borne mould spores within the affected space.