Mould Health Risks

Mould and Health Risks

Mould can and does have a serious impact on people’s health, it simply is something that no one should be living with.

Mould impacts on a broad range of health issues, some of the main ones are:

Respiratory disorders such as asthma, sinus congestion / infections
Constant fatigue, tiredness
Unexplained ongoing cold and flu symptoms
Eye irritations
Skin Conditions / Irritations

To Bleach – OR NOT?

Whilst for decades the chemical companies have bombarded us with marketing and advertising about the effectiveness of chlorine / bleach – based chemicals to kill and remove mould, the facts are, that they actually do not kill mould, they actually feed the mould and give the surface the appearance of being clean, when in fact the mould is still present and active.

What is far more concerning is what you have not been told, Chlorine was first formulated in the first world war to KILL PEOPLE, it was the active in Mustard Gas! Not really a desirable element to be using in the home or work place!

Its Nature to the Rescue!

The Essential Shield mould remediation and prevention products are 100% Naturally based. They are powered by five therapeutic grade essential oils.

The Essential Shield formulation is based on a broad range of international research by universities and other health research organisations that have been conducted into the effectiveness of essential oils to kill the entire range of moulds, of which there are over eight thousand species.

We have also had our formulation independently tested by a NATA certified Laboratory. Test report here!

The Essential Shield formulation delivers the perfect storm against mould!
The combination of the specific combination of the five therapeutic grade essential oils we employ deliver the total approach to remediating and removing mould and then defending against its return – Long term!

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